August 24, 2016


Community Service

Part of our purpose is to help maintain and improve our great community here in the Bryan College Station area through public outreach outreach and community service projects.

These projects range anywhere from fundraising for a needy cause all the way to performing yardwork for disabled B/CS residents.


Fundraising is a big part of the SVA's daily operations. From selling t-shirts, to hosting paid for events, our organization is self-sustaining and values giving back to both the university and our community.

Social Events

Throughout the Fall and Spring semesters, we hold various weekly and bi-weekly social events.

These events provide members the opportunity to get to know one another and even network outside of the organization.


The Student Veterans Association hosts a tailgate before every home football game, as well as one basketball game and one baseball game each season.

We do this to provide a fun atmosphere for both veterans and their families, as well as to allow the opportunity for students to get better acquainted with and network throughout the Aggie community.